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Membership has its Benefits

UCT understands that finances are important and offers its members a number of benefits, discount programs and a network of friends throughout Canada and the United States. It was founded on a need for insurance protection, community involvement and friendship and for more than a century, the organization has maintained an outstanding service to its members.  UCT membership certainly has benefits.  Listed below are just a few of the many benefits and we encourage you to click on the links for more information, new products or options.

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Discount Benefits

 Please follow the Discounts link to the many discount benefits available to members such as:

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Insurance Products

UCT offers you financial security through a wide range of carefully developed, affordably priced accident, health and life insurance plans.  Go to Insurance products link to view the various products available or to speak to an agent. 

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Community Programs

If you would like to get more involved with your community, UCT locat councils support a variety of programs and projects.  For a general look, please visit Community Programs link.  Members have the opportunity to participate in the many community programs and projects with a main focus on the intellectual disabilities community.

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The Sample Case

The Sample Case is a magazine published 3 times a year, keeping you, the member, informed and up to date on the activities of Councils, Grand and Supreme reflecting the full benefits of being a UTC member.  For more information, please click on The Sample Case Magazine.  Deadline dates for submissions: Autumn Issue - August 4, Winter Issue - December 3.

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