Grand Committees

Quick Clicks - (Committees listed alphabetically): Cancer - Curling - Convention 2009 - Examining Finance - Fraternalist of the Year - Golf - Intellectually Disabled - Jurisprudence - Membership - Parliamentarian - Publicity / Newsletter - Retention - Roses for the Living - Safety - State of the Order - Youth / Drug Awareness

2012 - 2013 Grand Committees and Members

Cancer Committee


Claire Wilt PGC, Chair Bathurst Council 827


Larry MacLeod Pictonian Council 879


Wayne Graves Blomidon council 918


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Curling Committee

 Greg Hanlon, Heidi Hanlon Jack Kidd Council 755

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Convention 2012 Committee

Bob Rosborough PGC Pictonian Council 879

Jimmy Doucet PGC Moncton Council 758


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Examining Finance Committee

Jacques Caron PGC Chair Restigouche Council 781

Albina Castonguay Grand Falls Council 854

Donna Marshall Scotia Council 838

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Fraternalist of the Year Award Committee

Jimmy Doucet   PGC  Chairperson           Moncton Council #758

Jacques Caron                                      Restigouche Council #781


Paul Wentzell   Fredericton Council 746



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Golf Committee

Linda Boudreau Bathurst Council 827

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Intellectually Disabled Committee

Pauline Cosgrove, Chair Jack Kidd Council 755

Isabel Tait Blomidon Council 918

Michel Guay Grand Falls Council 854

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Jurisprudence Committee

Gorden Woodworth PGC ,Chair             Scotia Council #838

Rod Henry PGC Restigouche Council 781


Jerry Kirkpatick Moncton Council 758

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Membership Committee

Jimmy Doucet PGC, Chair Moncton Council 758

Donald Comeau Bathurst Council 827

Jean Louis Michaud, PGC Madawaska Council 830



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Bob Marshall PSC Scotia Council 838


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Publicity / Newsletter Committee





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Retention Committee

Ernie Brian Chair Moncton Council 758

Gordon MacKeighan Cape Breton Council 883

Donna Callum Jack Kidd Council 755

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Roses for the Living Committee

J. L. Paul LeBlanc, PSC, Moncton Council 758

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Safety Committee

Norma Mullett, Chair                                    Jack Kidd Council #755


Ben Boyd Truro Council 856

Jacqueline MacLeod Pictonian Council 879

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State of the Order Committee

Richard Hatt PGC, Chair Moncton Council 758

Tom Brown Moncton Council 758

Ken Welton PGC Truro Council 856

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Youth / Drug Awareness Committee

Alan Bragg, Chair Cape Breton Council 883

Raymond Santerre Restigouche Council 781

Rod Borden Jack Kidd Council 755



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